adventures in missional campus ministry, chapter 0.2: stewardship and obedience

i mentioned in my first post that, for me, the discontent stirring in my soul stemmed from what i perceived to be an issue of stewardship and obedience within our ministry.

we talk a lot about the stewardship of our resources. simply defined, stewardship is care for what God has given us. occassionally, we will talk about the stewardship of our time and of our earth. maybe it’s time we start talking about the stewardship of relationships.

God has placed our ministry right in the heart of campus. with that space come relationships that should be naturally built. it’s part of being a neighbor. however, we had a habit of withdrawing from that space and locking ourselves inside of our building. we simply were not being good stewards of the place God had put us and the relationships found there.

the Bible teaches us to “go and make disciples.” for some, this means they have to be obedient and go a far away. for us, it meant simply going across the street. it meant equipping our students to engage their roommates, their dorm floor, their classmates, their co-workers, and the people sitting next to them in the foodcourt. but this was lacking.

my friends over at Christian Student Fellowship at the University of Nebraska-Kearney point out that students traditionally have withdrawn from the life of campus the longer they stay in college. for example, as freshmen, they live and sleep and eat and go to classes and participate in campus activities all the time. then, maybe as a junior, they move off campus. they live and sleep somewhere else now. it becomes a hassle to drive and find a parking spot, and so their involvement in campus life dwindles. as seniors, many have abandoned engaging on campus entirely, except for going to classes.

we want to find ways to reverse this and help keep students engage deeper in campus life, like missionaries. this is where God has placed us. and to miss what God is doing in this space is a matter of stewardship and obedience.



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