i am excited to be heading to the “sentralized” conference in kansas city this weekend. the line-up of speakers includes some of the most influential voices in the missional movement right now, including alan hirsch, michael frost, hugh halter, lance ford, brad briscoe, and helen lee.

here’s a few things i am excited about:

  • hirsch, ford, and halter made up the majority of my summer reading this last year. i’m looking forward to hearing their actual voices.
  • i’m at the point in the semester when i’m primed to disconnect for a few days and re-fill my cup.
  • most of these guys are going to be speaking from the perspective of local churches. i am looking forward to the challenge of applying the conversation to the campus ministry context.
  • i love that this convention and the conversations are held close to home in KC. besides it being more convenient for me (and cheaper!), i’m glad the midwest is getting some (missional) love.
  • most conferences have green rooms where the VIPs and speakers hang out, a sort of holy of holies that keep them separated from the rest of us lesser men. not this conference. instead of a green room, sentralized has a living room. the authors and speakers are going to hang out there throughout the weekend, opening themselves up to conversations with conference attendees. this makes me happy.

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