bringing sexy back, part 9

it has been several weeks since my last “bringing sexy back” update. if you’ll recall, i had joined a weight-loss challenge that lasted 6 weeks. that’s what got this whole thing started. i didn’t win the challenge, but i was very pleased personally with the results.

we had a few weeks off…and then another challenge began. i was thrilled that i was able to keep the weight off during the downtime.

and now, we are in week 3 of the next challenge. these few weeks have been tough. i’ve been eating right but completely unable to get to the gym for any sort of workout. thus, i am losing a little, but not a lot. 

today is monday, though. and this train is getting back on the tracks. 

here are some numbers:

starting weight: 199.0
weight 3 weeks ago: 188.6
weight 2 weeks ago: 187.0
today’s weight: 185.6
total difference: -13.4 



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