for 2012: find your themes

c.s. lewis has said, “every life is comprised of a few themes.”

the founder of twitter, jack dorsey, gives a theme to each of his days. he says themes provide a general direction for each day, but are not over-structured to allow for interruptions and distractions. his themes are:

mondays: management and running the company.
tuesdays: product development.
wednesdays: marketing and communications.
thursdays: developers and partnerships.
fridays: enhancing company culture.
saturdays: recreation.
sundays: reflection and preparation.

(see an interview with dorsey below.)

i think, heading into 2012, this might be a valuable strategy to adopt. themes would serve as a guide for each day, and not a dictator. here are my general themes:

mondays: meetings with students and teaching preparation.
tuesdays: large group meeting preparation.
wednesdays: recreation and family-time (if working on the weekend) or soul care and “dates” with my children (if not working on the weekend).
thursdays: meetings with students.
fridays: ministry administration.
saturdays: recreation and family-time (unless working; see wednesday!)
sundays: worship and rest.

what theme days will you adopt in 2012?


2 thoughts on “for 2012: find your themes

  1. Mike…I think I remember reading this post when you first wrote it. I love the concept. Do you have your 3 or 4 words for 2012, yet? Would you be willing to share what they are?My word for last year was “intentional.”

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