how often do you use the word “we”?

last week, drew brees (the quarterback for the new orleans saints) broke the single season passing record that has stood for the better part of 30 years.

while this is clearly an amazing personal achievement, drew brees is a great leader and a great team player. in his post-game interview, he used the word “we” 11 times. he says, “it’s not about me” but that it’s about the team, the city, and the fans.

the best line in the interview is when brees says “we beat the record.”

i am guilty of not using the word “we” enough. i don’t think it’s because i am selfish or because i am suckered into thinking it’s all about me. i simply think my posture as a leader has not developed my vocabulary to the point where i always says “we” before “i.”


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