bringing sexy back, part 11

it has been several weeks since my last BSB update. and, unfortunately for most of us who are trying to lose weight, those several weeks have included the holidays.

it was with much fear and trembling that i stepped on to the scale monday. i feared the worst. i was hoping that Santa Claus and the New Year’s Baby hadn’t erased all the hard work i put in during 2011.

to my surprise, i had gained 4 pounds from thanksgiving to new year’s.

to me, this was a great success, as i had not worked out and participated in the usual holiday fare for 8 weeks. it revealed to me that i had developed healthy eating habits and was not overdoing it.

to go a step further, i got out the tape measure and took stock of my latest numbers. also to my surprise, i have lost 8 inches since this summer. losing weight is not always just about the number on the scale. other numbers are important, too.

this week, like every other american, i am back on the horse. (i actually got a head start in the gym last week, before the new year rang in.)

starting weight: 199.0
last weigh-in (november 9): 182.6
this week’s weight: 186.6
total difference: -12.4


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