how do you use your journal?


mark batterson is one of my favorite pastors and writers out there. his blog is on my must-read list, and it should be on yours, too.

a week or so ago, mark posted about journaling. he states that journaling is a spiritual discipline; it’s the vehicle by which “write the vision” (a la Habakkuk 2:2) and by which we “take every thought captive” (a la 2 Corinthians 10:5).

and i think he is absolutely right.

i have used a moleskine journal for several years. however, i have not yet definited my journaling style. sometimes i create prayer lists. sometimes i write my prayers out in a narrative style. sometimes i write things to pray for on certain days and sometimes i don’t. i write…and usually consistently…but it’s the scribblings of a direction-less wanderer.

and that irks me. maybe it shouldn’t. but it does.

i wish mark would allow comments on his blog. i would love to see how he sets his prayer journal up.

but since he doesn’t, i’ll ask you.

what is your journaling style? do you use a journal? why or why not? how do you organize and use your journal for prayer? share your ideas.


2 thoughts on “how do you use your journal?

  1. I don’t journal every day, but try to a few days a week. My usual method is to start with a passage from that day’s Scripture reading and then write a prayer based on that. I will then pray about specific events of the day, things going on in our ministry or family, others God puts on my heart, etc. Some days it will just be a couple of paragraphs. Other days it will be quite a bit.

  2. Thanks, Mike. I think I often feel bad because my journal is not hyper-organized. I feel as though I am not always effectively praying for my family and my students and my ministry because I don’t have “lists” or a daily prayer plan (a la Dean Trune).But it is a self-imposed bad feeling.

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