for my birthday: 34 things i think i think


today, i turn 34. and this blog is entitled “things i think i think.”

to celebrate, i am combining those two things and sharing with you 34 things i think i think. you’re welcome.

  1. turning 30 sucked. turning 34 is no biggie.
  2. i haven’t felt healthier (spiritually, physically, or emotionally) in years.
  3. i love sweet tea.
  4. i never want to be a collegiate or professional football coach. those guys don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.
  5. if i ever move again, it’ll be south.
  6. campus ministry is, i believe, the vital link to the next generation of worldwide missions.
  7. american league baseball is not real baseball. if the pitcher doesn’t bat, it doesn’t count.
  8. there are a few hills worth dying on. and many that aren’t. choose your battles wisely.
  9. consistent prayer is hard. in fact, almost everything worth doing in life is.
  10. my kids and have killed at least 25 trees between school and the children’s program at church. the amount of paper they bring home every week is insane.
  11. less is more.
  12. my sweet spot is in discipleship and teaching. i will not be distracted from these two things.
  13. jackelopes aren’t real. i learned this when i was about 25. i’m still haven’t dealt with the shock.
  14. sweet & spicy doritos are the kings of the chip world.
  15. i will never understand girls who wear shorts and snow boots at the same time.
  16. i have a jack bauer shaped hole in my heart.
  17. i also miss ross, joey, chandler, rachel, monica, and phoebe.
  18. the way my wife manages our household absolutely amazes me. i could never, ever do it as efficiently as she.
  19. i hate spending money on cars. buying them. fixing them. all of it.
  20. i am seeing more and more that raising my kids is a sacred endeavor. and they don’t necessarily teach me about God; they teach me about me.
  21. living through your 20s is hard. it’s like there is a no-man’s land between getting out into the real world and having kids. our 30s have been much better.
  22. in our world of ever-increasing noise, silence is the only thing that is heard.
  23. i don’t drink enough water.
  24. the same old message of “don’t have sex before you’re married because the Bible tells you so” isn’t working. Christian kids are having sex at an alarming rate. we need to have a new kind of conversation. and it can’t just be about what we say; there needs to be relational investment, open dialogue, and grace-filled honesty.
  25. we must learn the art of asking great questions. this is the best way to learn and to teach.
  26. i have an unhealthy obsession with finding the right ink pen.
  27. it’s unreasonable to expect to be perfect overnight. each day, make progress. gain a slight edge.
  28. i’ve never seen a blog post before with a picture of a crab wearing a birthday hat. i’m glad to contribute to the betterment of of your blog reading experience.
  29. i like the fact that i have (for the most part) stopped caring about what people think of me.
  30. the older i get, the more i love my parents and my sister.
  31. i have decided that taking a girl to eat chicken wings on a first date would be a massive mistake. i plan on telling my male college students this.
  32. i haven’t watched a newscast in months. and my entire outlook on humanity is better because of it.
  33. i can’t imagine sharing my life with anyone other than my wife and children.
  34. His grace is sufficient, even for me.

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