romance challenge #3: a greeting card surprise in four easy steps


i am quickly learning that romancing your wife does not have to be hard, time consuming, or expensive. this week’s challenge is super simple. i’ve broken it down into easy steps, so even the most thick-headed husband can accomplish this.

  1. go to wal-mart or a hallmark store or any retail location that sells greeting cards. even a gas station might have cards.
  2. buy a romantic card that says nice things to your wife. not a funny card. not a card that sings songs or has star wars characters on it. not a card with body parts on it. something with a flower on it will do.
  3. write “i love you” and sign your name. you can do this. bonus points if you tell her how happy she makes you or you refer to your future together with her. note: don’t say something silly or stupid that negates the nice things you hope to convey. if you are new to this, it might be best just to let the card do the talking.
  4. slip it under her pillow. you want this to be a surprise, so don’t try to sneak it under her pillow while she is sleeping. the secret is this: hide the card when she isn’t looking.

see, any husband can do this. make it your goal to do so in the next 7 days. if you’re so inclined, leave a comment here and let us know how it went.

good luck!


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