facebook free february: 9 ways to create and not simply consume


if you haven’t heard yet, ‘facebook free february’ will soon be in full effect. you can read the original post here and this post on all the productive ways you can invest you soon to be found free time.

if you are the typical facebook user, you are consumed with consuming. you quickly scan your feed. you read some status updates and look at some pictures. you may or may not click on a link to read an article or blog post. chances are you are barely reading anything on the screen at all (but that’s a blog post for monday).

and that’s about it. i feel that facebook is good at feeding our already-in-place consumeristic tendencies.

it’s hard to contribute when all you do is consume. sure, you may throw up a funny status every now and again. you might post a comment on a friend’s post occassionally. you might even write one of those annoying “dear john” posts every once in awhile that goes something like this:

dear lady at walmart,
you shouldn’t wear those pants.
the rest of us who don’t like throwing up

but that is the extent of your contribution. funny, yes. valuable, no.

(please don’t hear what i am not saying: i believe there are valuable things happening on facebook. but, how many of us are actually contributing those things of value or beauty? most of us are simply “sharing” what has been created by someone else. and that’s different.)

i believe we are made in the image of a Creator. and because we are made in His image, we are created to create. create things of beauty and things of value. and with that in mind, here are some ideas for how you can use facebook free february to create.

  1. write poetry.
  2. or, if you’re not arty-fartsy, write a paper.
  3. start a blog where you can share your poetry or your paper. (this is what my friend hannah did. check it here.)
  4. start a journal.
  5. grow a plant.
  6. handwrite a letter to a family member or friend. with a paper. and a pen. and then mail it to them. in an envelope. with a stamp.
  7. make an incredible meal to share with your friend or family at a dinner party.
  8. start a business.
  9. do art (whatever that may look like for you).

don’t use the excuse “it won’t be good” to keep you from creating. that’s not the point. the point is to contribute and release yourself from the bondage of consumption only that facebook relentlessly facilitates.


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