facebook free february: less facebook is more


‘facebook free february’ is just around the corner. i’ve been sharing some ideas with you on all the things you can do with your newly found free time and ways F3 will help you create and not simply consume.

last week, my friend mike posted some great thoughts on how our interaction with technology (including facebook) is affecting our ability to think and read deeply. and we are called to do both. but one quote from mike’s post, attributed to howard hendricks, jumped out of the screen and judo-chopped me in the face.

“the secret of concentration is elimination.”


we are not calling folks to give up facebook because facebook is inherently bad. not at all. this is not an anti-facebook campaign.

this is really more of an experiment designed to help us understand how facebook affects us. and, i believe if we will eliminate it for 29 days, our ability to concentrate will be magnified. i think we’ll all find that less really is more.

less facebook is more concentration.
less facebook is more depth.
less facebook is more comprehension.
less facebook is more creativity.
less facebook is more time.
less facebook is more real relationships.
less facebook is more ____________________.
less facebook is more.


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