facebook free february: it is time


i have blogged exclusively about ‘facebook free february’ for the past week.

(read all the F3 posts here).

and soon, i’ll blog about something else.

but for now, it’s time to begin.

as of this evening, i will be logging off of facebook for 29 days. i will remove the app from my phone. i will say “thank you, and good night” to facebook-land. and i will be free.

in the interest of full disclosure, i am not deactivating my facebook. my wife will change the password on my account so that i cannot access it. (i think this is the way to go for F3. temptation to log in will come after you. you can fight back with this measure of accountability.) 

also, i will still receive facebook messages. many folks from all over contact me via the messaging feature in facebook. it really is just another email inbox for me. those folks may not know that i am going facebook free and i want to be able to receive and respond to their messages.

but i will not be logging on to scroll through my feed or comment on anybody’s status updates or wall or RSVP to your event. 

also, you may notice that it appears i am updating my facebook while i am away. i guess that technically would be true; my facebook profile will be updating. but that is because this blog and all of my tweets are connected to my facebook account. and so, when i update this blog or send out a tweet, it’ll appear there. i’m not cheating. promise.

if you need to get in contact with me during february, i would love to connect with you on twitter. twitter has finally decided to emerge as my social media drug of choice.

or you can email me at mynameisbrandon [at] gmail [dot] com. we like old-school around here.

and now…go! leave facebook behind for a season and invest your newly re-discovered time, create something beautiful, and concentrate more.


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