tom brady and king solomon: “there’s gotta be more than this”


$20 million in salary last year.
another $10 million in endorsements.
one of the best football players on the planet.
five super bowl appearances.
three super bowl rings.
seven pro bowl appearances.
two NFL MVP awards and 2 super bowl MVP awards.
a brazilian lingerie super-model for a wife.
dashing good looks.

tom brady apparently has it all.

or does he? in this interview from 2008, he wonders if there is more to life than all this.

(granted, this interview is a bit old…prior to his marriage to the brazilian lingerie super-model, at least.)

tom brady kind of reminds me of king solomon.

more money than he knows how to spend.
wisdom beyond measure.
the honor and admiration of all the people.
thousands of women at his disposal.
(but, no super bowl rings).

and, in the book of ecclesiastes, you can hear solomon saying: “there’s gotta be more than this.”

solomon lands on this conclusion:

remember your Creator in the days of your youth.
seek truth.
fear God and keep His commandments.

i hope tom brady finds what he is looking for. and i hope those of you reading this don’t fall into the deception that fortune, fame, or females will fill that hole in your chest.


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