romance challenge #4: love your wife by loving your kids


i love wednesdays. one of the reasons i love wednesays is because it’s essentially my day off. my wednesdays in campus ministry are like most preachers mondays in local church ministry; i have a holy hangover. i need to sleep it off.

but another reason i love wednesdays is because it’s “take one of my kids out on a date” day.

every wednesday, i take one of my kids out for some one-on-one time. we have some basic guidelines for our “dates”:

  • we do whatever they want to do (within reason).
  • it’s just the two of us.
  • no cell phones are allowed to make an appearance.
  • we don’t call them “dates” if it’s daddy and one of the boys. it’s “man time.”

we’ll go to the park and play. we’ll go to the local muffin shop. we’ll stay at home and play the wii. whatever they want to do. it doesn’t have to cost much and it doesn’t have to be a long time. usually our dates cost less than $5 and are about an hour long.

this is, obviously, amazing for my relationship with each of my kids. but, spending time with my kids is also an incredible way to love my wife. it’s a way i can truthfully communicate to keri that i don’t simply love our family in word only. i love them in action.

and honestly, when i spend time with my kids…my wife looks at me like a hero.

and so…the challenge for the week: if you have children, take them out on a date! it’ll be amazing for you and your kids and it’ll communicate the depth of your love to your wife.

(not sure what to talk to your kids about? read this great post on 50 things you must say to your children. pick a few…and then say them!)


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