haiti 2012: i need your help


over the last several years, the Christian Campus House (where I serve as campus minister) has raised over $12,000 for clean water projects in haiti. the need is desperate and our students have responded to the call to give a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name to those who are thirsty.

last year, a few students and i had the opportunity to visit haiti and see the need and the solutions firsthand. while there we had the privilege of serving orphans and their caret
akers, students and their teachers, and the least of these.


but we fell in love in the mountains.

after a long hike straight up, we met the friendly residents of a very remote village. life is rough for them; the nearest water supply is not near at all, the land does not farm well, and the people have little to no access to medical care, education, and other basic necessities.

this year, we are heading back. from may 9th through may 16th, myself and several students will devote an entire week to the beautiful people in the mountains. we have three objectives:

1) we will provide materials to build a permanent structure for their church/school. once this structure is up, we will be able to collect rainwater from the roof, thus providing access to some clean water.

2) we will distribute as many bibles in their native language as we can get our hands on.

3) we will provide goats to families in the community to stimulate the local economy and jump-start the family’s ability to earn an income.

and this is just the beginning of what i imagine will be a 3-5 year series of projects in this community!


to make all of this possible, i need your help. i am looking for folks who will partner with me in one of two ways:

1) will you pray for me, for my team, and for haiti? if so, please email me at mynameisbrandon [at] gmail [dot] com and put “haiti prayer team” in the subject line. i will add you to our prayer email list and we’ll send occasional updates to you so that you can pray knowledgeably.

2) will you financially support me? i need to raise at least $1,200 to cover the trip expenses. you can give securely online by clicking on http://cscea.donortools.com and selecting my name from the list. or you can send a check with my name in the memo line to: Christian Campus House, 904 College Avenue, Maryville MO 64468.

i am aiming to have my funds raised by march 1st.

thanks so much in advance!



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