prayer room


last night, at the Christian Campus House, nine students and myself gathered (despite the wind and snow) for a time of concentrated prayer. we called it a ‘concert of prayer.’

as we were finishing up our time together, i sensed the Lord drawing us into our new prayer room. we stood around the room and prayed over it, setting it aside to be a room where our lives, our campus, and our world are changed.

we have been circling ephesians 3:20 as we strive to become a people of prayer. (read my post about the 7 most powerful words on prayer.) a few students stenciled those words on to the wall.

over the rest of this school year, students will write their prayers, praises, and requests on one wall. then next year, we will fill the next wall. the year after, the third wall. and by the end of the fourth year, all four walls will be covered with prayers. and all four walls will be a testimony to the God who hears those prayers.


after we prayed, we signed above the doorframe. it’s our way of slamming our staffs into the dirt and drawing a circle around ourselves, our ministry, and our campus.


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