romance challenge #5: five simple steps to a month of marital awesome-ness


here is a simple project that will take you 30 minutes to complete, but will bless your wife for 30 days. 5 simple steps:

1) open a blank document on your computer.
not sure how to do this? we don’t offer computer tech services here, so go get a blank piece of paper and a crayon.

2) make a list of 30 sentences stating why you’re grateful that your wife is your wife.
some of these can be funny, but being only a funny man in marriage is shallow. make more of the statments touching. engage your heart.

3) space your statements out in your document in a way that will make them easy to cut with a pair of scissors.
simply hit the “enter” button a few times in between each statement. boom.

4) after you cut them, fold the statements in half and place them in some kind of nice container.
not a plastic baggie or a tupperware container. maybe a basket? or a pretty box? bonus points to you if you decorate the box yourself.

5) give the container to your wife at the dinner table and have her pull out one statement a night for 30 nights.
she will feel amazing and you will be reminded of all the reasons you’re glad you made her your wife.


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