i’m pregnant and i need your help


how’s that for an attention grabbing title?

while it’s true i am not pregnant with a human baby inside of my body (although my wife is!), i do have something growing inside of me. it was conceived a few months ago. it has been developing and taking shape and growing legs and hands and a heart.

today i am uncomfortable, as though in the final weeks of pregnancy. soon it will be the time for labor. it will not be a quick and painless delivery. i expect lots of tears and screaming and salty language. i expect to want to quit. i expect to blame someone. i expect it to hurt.

and when it’s all said and done, i expect to hold this little bundle with joy. and share it with you.

on april 1, 2013 i will release my first book. in conjunction with the genius Ben Arment and Dream Year Books, this unnamed baby will make its entrance.

and i need your help. the process of creating, whether its a book or a baby, was never meant to be navigated alone. even God created within the context of community.

i will need your input.
i will need your encouragement.
i will need your financial help.
i will need your influence.
i will need you.

stay on the look out in the next few weeks for an announcement about my kickstarter campaign. i also hope to share some juicy tidbits from the book and insights in the process of bringing it into the world.

looking forward to doing this with you.


8 thoughts on “i’m pregnant and i need your help

  1. Exciting Stuff! You’re one of the most solid people I know, I expect it will be great! Hook me up if there is anything I can do to help.

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