coffee chats // spiritual growth this summer

**there were some issues with my calendar, but those have been resolved. so…no excuses! let’s do this!**

it’s summertime. and that means, for college students, every rhythm that has been established over the last nine months will be disrupted.

and that’s frustrating. i remember being so discouraged in college, feeling as though i was taking two steps backwards.

even now, in my own life, i feel out of whack. my equilibrium is off and everything suffers because of it.

including my relationship with God.

but, i feel the summertime can be an amazing season of intention spiritual growth and discipleship for all of us.

and, so, i want us to do this together. technology will help.

all you need is some time, an internet connection, and a webcam.

i am making myself available throughout this summer for what i am calling “coffee chats.” i want to meet with you for one hour, each week of the summer, for discipleship, encouragement, and accountability. i want to help you make a plan for your spiritual growth through these summer months. i want to pray with you. i want to hear about what God is doing in your life.

here is how we’ll do it:

find a time.
i have set up some blocks of time over the next week for you to sign-up for. simply go to my calendar and find a time that works for both of us. 

set it up.
on the calendar, click the button and write your name down. in the box that says “where” i would like for you write down which service we will use to meet. i can be found in the following spaces:

  • Google Talk.
  • Google+.
  • Facebook Video Chat.
  • Skype.
  • Face Time.

show up.
you don’t have to bring a cup of coffee, but i will. we’ll share life-on-life, face-to-face.

so, please. head on over to the calendar and find a time that works for the both of us right now and sign-up. i’ve only listed my available times for the next week…so don’t wait.


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