back in rhythm


today is a normal monday. it’s been several weeks since i’ve had one of those. there is work to be done. household chores to knock out. a wife to love and children to play with. there is email to check, blogs to write, and a book to be written.

it’s time to get back into rhythm.

here is a glimpse at what you can expect around here in the next few weeks:

  • a re-focused blog: for several years, this blog has been about anything and everything. i feel the time has come to narrow the focus. and while i am a husband and father first, i am also a campus minister. campus ministry is who i am…what i do…and what i know. from this point on, this space will focus on campus ministry. that’s still a pretty broad brush, so you never know exactly what you may find here.
  • some reflections on my trip to haiti: for the second summer in a row, i have spent a week in haiti with college students. how could that not mess you up? i’ll share some thoughts soon.
  • some exciting books news: in case you haven’t heard, i am writing a book. and i need your help in getting that book into the hands of those it needs to find. in a few weeks, i’ll let you know how you can help bring this to life.

i look forward to the conversations!


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