join the 16% club

(update #2: congrats to mark, rick, and chris…the winners of the giftcards. check your email soon!)

(update: i’ve decided to sweeten the pot. if you sign up for “the 16% club” your name will be automatically entered into a drawing. i’m giving away three $5 giftcards to randomly selected club members. if you sign up between now and friday at 5pm central, you’ll be entered. and good news! if you’ve already signed up, you’re automatically entered.)

i have been blogging for almost 9 years. my first post was on july 18, 2003 on a LiveJournal blog (say whaaaaa….?) and i’ve never been more excited about blogging than i am right now.

one of my hopes is to take our merry little tribe deeper into our journey of thinking and writing about ministry in general, campus ministry in particular, and the leadership of both.

enter “the 16% club.”

“the 16% club” will offer you the chance to go just a little deeper here. i’ll send an email to you a couple of times a month, offering you a combination of any of these things:

  • the latest happenings of my book.
  • advanced notice about upcoming events and resources.
  • exclusive opportunities to help shape the content and look of my book.
  • some freebies, goodies, and other tasty tidbits.
i promise i’ll never give away or sell your information. and i won’t inundate your inbox with magic chain letters or pictures of cats. and you can opt-out anytime (although i hope you’ll stick around!)

sound good? i’d love to have you jump in. fill out the form below.


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