3 things college girls should remember on pinterest


i enjoy pinterest.

there, i said it. i was a little reluctant to jump on board with pinterest a few months ago because…well…i’m a dude.

but, after several months on pinterest…i confess: i am concerned for college-aged women on pinterest.

most of the people i’m connected with on pinterest are girls associated with the campus ministry i lead. and so, i see a lot of wedding boards and craft ideas and pretty hairstyles.

and all of those things are fine. but, have you ever noticed that everything posted on pinterest is absolutely picture perfect? unfortunately, that’s not how real life is.

and so, i thought i might offer college women and the ministers who work with them a list of three things worth remembering on pinterest.

1 // don’t place unreal expectations on anyone or anything.
let your future husband be himself. i know you’ve pinned several marriage proposals. and that’s nice. but do you really want your husband to re-package someone else’s marriage proposal? let him be creative and express his love and commitment to you his own way.

in the same way, let your future kids be themselves too. don’t force them to pose in the same way as those cuties in the picture you pinned. chances are your family pictures won’t look that perfect anyway.

and the ideal living room you pinned, with the pristine carpet and the perfectly placed pillows and the candles on the table? yeah, that probably won’t happen. your living room will most likely look like a Toys ‘R Us vomited all over it.

and that’s OK.

2 // plan your marriage.
while pinterest may be nice for wedding ideas, you have to remember something really important: most of your pins have to do with planning a wedding. the perfect dress, hair, cake, and so forth.

those things are fine, but don’t lose sight of the big picture: you need to be planning your marriage.

3 // don’t create a fantasy life.
don’t create a fantasy life on pinterest and set yourself up for disappointment. there are dream houses you can will never have. there are vacation spots you can never go. there are crafts and projects you can never do. and if you do them, they won’t look or taste right.

it’s OK. your value is not found in that which is not real.

discussion: OK, now it’s your turn. what advice would you give you a college-aged girl about pinterest?


2 thoughts on “3 things college girls should remember on pinterest

  1. I agree with everything you say here, but have to say one thing: Pinterest seems to be the backlash to the perfection women have been surrounded by in advertising and models. Women are photo shopped to the point of being unreal, so it’s no surprise that they search for the same qualities in other areas of their lives. It’s not really any different than men searching for the perfection found in print ads, it’s simply new for women to have an open forum for it. I think your message is spot on, but the same should be communicated to men.

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