the righteous will fall // encouragement for your friday

this verse and the three following thoughts have been an encouragement to me in the last few days. perhaps you need the same kind of encouragement as me…or know someone who does.

“for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again.”
proverbs 27:16 niv

// the righteous fall //
it’s not just the wicked who stumble. even those who are doing their best to pursue God stumble.

// the righteous fall a lot //
the proverbs says the righteous fall seven times. this is an interesting idea: seven was a number representing perfection. perfection, in my mind, would mean the righteous never fall. but here, the writer clearly implied that the righteous do fall…perfectly. i feel like i’ve perfected the art of falling.

// the righteous fall a lot…but keep getting up //
this is what sets the righteous apart. they don’t stay down. they don’t stay stuck in their sin. they get up and dust themselves off and repent and keep struggling toward Jesus, even though they know they will fall again. and again. they know His grace is real, even if it’s hard to accept or understand.

be encouraged.
get up.
you have His righteousness.


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