$16 on the 16th to be my 16%

well, 2 weeks ago today i launched my kickstarter campaign to help bring to life this little book i’m working on, affectionately referred to right now as “The 16% Book.”

and you guys blew me away. you absolutely crushed it.

i had hoped we could raise $2,500 by our target date to offset the costs incurred getting this book into the hands of as many as possible. as of right now, with two weeks left in the campaign, you have blown that old goal away.

we currently have 38 backers who have pledged $2,619.

i am completely humbled. simply saying “thank you” seems insufficient. you have validated the this project and you have validated me. i am so grateful.

however, i don’t want to stop here.

the total cost of this project is $4,200. and we have two weeks left in the campaign to raise as much of that as we can. every little bit from here out simply helps us get more books into more hands more miles away.

and so, let’s make today a special day in the life of The 16% Book. i’ll propose a resolution:

whereas, it is the 16th of july,
and whereas, a $16 pledge will secure the donor a social media shout-out, an acknowledgement in the book, and an advanced digital copy of The 16% Book,
and whereas, this book is all about identifying the right 16% of people in your context to catch the vision you hope to bring,
let it therefore be resolved to find as many people this day to pledge $16 (or increase an existing pledge by $16) to help reach the $4,200 goal and help others all over the world find their 16%.

give $16 on the 16th to be my 16%. it’s that simple.

you can read more about the project, see the incentives, and pledge here. after you have done so, would you please share this blog post far and wide, spreading the cheer of this grand day where’er you go?



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