the three most dangerous words

there is a phrase made up of three words that we hear often. usually it’s given to us as advice, often when we are facing a difficult decision. usually these words are offered by well-meaning people to help us find our way.

but these three words are dangerous. oh so dangerous.

as dangerous as saying “walk off cliff.”

the three most dangerous words?

follow. your. heart.

go with your gut. trust your feelings. follow your heart. 

this sounds like good advice. and it makes for good television. there is just one problem:

“The heart is deceitful above all things…”
Jeremiah 17:9

following your heart is like following a used car salesman. it’ll tell you what you want to hear so that you’ll think you’re getting a good deal. and then you’ll be left paying a huge price for the mistake you’ve made. and after that, you’re still stuck with a lemon.

how do you know if you’re following your heart? 

i think the answer is painfully simple: you only believe what you feel. if it feels right, it must be so. if it feels good, do for it. if it feels true, believe it.


so, what are we to do? if we shouldn’t follow our hearts, which compass should we use? what do we trust?

again, the answer might surprise you. stay tuned.

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