good news for your wednesday

we all need good news. you know, stories that restore your faith in humanity. stories that grip you and move you to tears. stories that tell stories.

in my very early morning scour through the internets, i stumbled into a few i thought you might be interested in. 

here is the story of a doctor who practices medicine the old-fashioned way. he doesn’t have computers and he doesn’t accept insurance. his charge for an office visit: $5.

here is the story of a young bride and groom who were married in the hospital as they were waiting for the birth of their child. it was supposed to be a simple ceremony, until the hospital staff took over.

and here is the story of why there is not a reunion of the cast of the greatest sitcom known to man, “friends.” that, in and of itself, is not good news. however, the interview with gunther, the white-haired barista who was hopelessly in love with rachel, is great.

there you go. that should help get you through the day. take heart, friends…


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