leading the world to Christ starts at your local Applebee’s


i don’t post here much anymore. only when i feel like i really have something to say.

so sue me.

as some of you know, i recently left full-time ministry and am trying to find my place in the world outside of being a full-time, professional Christian.

and for right now, that means i work as a server at our neighborhood Applebee’s. and, much to my surprise, i really love it.

last week, i had the opportunity to serve a local minister. he is well-respected in the circles i used to run in, having grown several small churches to mega-church status. i knew him, but he didn’t know me.

and, after serving him lunch…he still doesn’t know me. in fact, he didn’t even look up at me. or acknowledge me. or say anything to me.

the irony: he and his friend spent the better part of an hour at my table talking about how to lead the world to Jesus.

all i could think to myself was: “how are we going to lead anybody, let alone the world, to Jesus, if we can’t even give the guy who serves us our lunch the time of day?”

it starts in our neighborhood. or our neighborhood bar and grill.

(now, i am not mad at this man. he meant no ill will towards me at all. he wasn’t trying to make it in to my blog. he’s a good…no, a great man.)

can we all agree to keep our eyes open to the opportunities right in front of us? can we start thinking a little smaller, perhaps? can we stop overlooking the hurt and lost and broken among us every day?


6 thoughts on “leading the world to Christ starts at your local Applebee’s

  1. Good thoughts. We plan to show christ’s love to others so much that it sometimes interferes with actually being present, in the moment, showing christ’s love to others. It was interesting, when I delivered sandwiches at Jimmy John’s, the worst tippers were people who worked at churches or had visible symbols of christianity on their doors/yards/etc. – and it didn’t go unnoticed by my coworkers.

  2. I totally understand your post here. I too am currently a waitress taking a break, rather a furlough from ministry before heading overseas, and in the meantime I am working as a waitress. I just traveled the world as a missionary and the greatest thing I learned was to share Jesus with just a smile. A smile can change the atmosphere of a place, granted, you would need someone to look at your first 🙂

  3. So glad to see you’re still writing! Was just thinking about you and had to check. So glad to hear you are still serving Christ, maybe more so than ever. God bless you Brandon! Can’t wait to have time to read more. ~ and ollld friend, April

  4. So agree with you. I too have been in music ministry and many aspects of leadership in the church. I left because when my wife left me I never heard from any of my so called Christian family.
    I work as a painter and have painted for many churches here on the Gold Coast Australia. I did one job for an up and coming big shot who wouldn’t even acknowledge I was there when inspecting the colors. How do they expect to reach people when they can become so self absorbed in doing and miss the being. I have converted white witches to Christ by just being. Not hard at all. Just being honest and not pretending to be perfect.

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