#1) advent


i’ve not written anything in this space for six months or so. therefore, like every other non-blogging blogger in the world on new year’s eve, i’ve decided to spend the next twenty-five days writing. except i’m better than those guys making resolutions: i’m getting a head start.

i often feel like Christmas has become too…”greeting card-y.” sterile. nice. there are lots of halos over chubby angels and smiling donkeys at the manger. there’s nothing wrong with any of it, per se. but i sometimes wonder if we miss the reality of Christmas when we remove all the messiness of the incarnation.

for my own benefit (and perhaps for someone who may stumble by the blog) i’d like to redeem some of the words we associate with the season. these are words we hear all december long but, like the sun setting each night, their beauty and meaning begin to slip past us with familiarity.

each day will (hopefully) feature a short post…a few thoughts on a Christmas-y word. there probably won’t be anything groundbreaking found in the coming days…probably nothing you haven’t heard before. more simply, i long for these days to serve as a reminder for you and for me of the beauty and reality of the season. 

so, let’s get started, shall we? word #1 is:


today is the first sunday of advent. advent is, historically, the beginning of liturgical year. more commonly, the advent season is the four sundays leading up to Christmas where you light candles and decorate the church in purple. we read passages of the Bible and talk about hope, peace, joy, and love.

the word “advent” means “a coming, approach, arrival.” obviously, the advent season is designed to prepare* us for Christ’s arrival on earth…the arrival.

and while everything hinges on the advent of Christ…my focus today won’t be so much on the advent itself. instead (as a confessing word nerd) i noticed something else. another word*.


the word adventure obviously has advent as its root. an adventure is, literally, “a thing about to happen.”

my simple question as we get this thing started is:

could the beginning of all adventures begin with the advent? 

(*i anticipate seeing these words later in the month.)


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