#4) Joseph, part 2

Imagei have a one year old baby.
she doesn’t like to sleep in her crib.
so, she sleeps in the same bed as her mother and i.
and when she wakes up, she screams. a lot.
and i get frustrated.
sometimes i hold her.
and she fights back. screaming louder.
sometimes i just let her wail.
sometimes i try to sleep through it.

i remember the day she was born.
i stood by, helpless as my wife labored.
there was blood. and amniotic fluid.
and, as with all of my other children…there was a constant fear and a constant prayer.
i was always, always afraid something bad would happen.
either to Keri. or to my baby. or both.
i have those kinds of fears.
i couldn’t do much. doctors and nurses did most of the work.
except for ice chips.
i could do the ice chips.
and hold her hand.
and thank God when our baby was born healthy and safe.

and it made all future screaming fits from the little one worth it.

imagine what Joseph felt like on the night his son was born.
helpless. afraid.
there was blood. and screaming.
i’m sure he offered a hand to squeeze.
it’s all he could do.
i’m also sure he sighed deeply when the baby had arrived safely.
sleeping in his mother’s arms.

and later on. when Jesus wouldn’t sleep through the night.
or He woke up screaming.
and Joseph was at the end of his wit.
and nothing seemed to soothe the child.
i’m sure he thought back to that night…the night the baby was born.
and he reminded himself
that it’s all worth it.


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