#7) baby boy

crying“but little Lord Jesus, no crying he makes.”

in a word, i can tell you how i feel about this Christmas song lyric:


it makes me cringe. the only lyric i can’t stand more comes from the hymn “in the garden.” i can’t even bring myself to type it here. (but you can try to guess in the comments!)

i hate to be all grinch-y, but i’m sure the little Lord Jesus…he cried. a lot.

all human babies cry. especially when they are firstborn. in fact, it’s one of the first signs doctors look and listen for. if the baby cries, it’s a good sign the child is healthy.

the last four days, all of my babies have been puking. and pooping. and other flu-related activities. as frustrating and gross as it is, sickness is essentially a reminder to us that we are, indeed, human.

there are other reminders of our human-ness.
hunger and thirst.
and yes…even crying.

if we lose these things, we lose what makes us human.

and if we aren’t careful, we strip the little Lord Jesus of his humanity. basic theology teaches us that Jesus was fully God and fully human. we seem to grasp the God part…but seem to forget the human part. but it’s so important.

all of those things i listed as reminders of our humanity…Jesus experienced those things. he had fears and sadness. he got tired. he experienced hunger and thirst. and he wept.

so, this Christmas season, don’t lose the “baby boy” in Jesus’ birth. he did all the things baby boys do.

and that includes making a racket in the middle of the “silent night.”